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Galley inc. designs and manufactures cafeteria lines, buffet lines, and food service kiosks under the brand name Galleyline.
Galley inc. designs and manufactures cafeteria lines, buffet lines, and food service kiosks under the brand name Galleyline.

What's New!

Exciting new products from Galley enhance food’s visual appeal and entice your customers to reach for more!

NEW! Lighted Signage!
Attach Galley's vibrant lighted signs to serving counters to attract attention. Advertise food choices and whet your customers' appetites as they approach your line. These versatile yet cost-effective signs are delivered attached to the module, wired to a single cord and plug, and require no electrician or special installation. They can be easily changed to accommodate single- or double-sided lighted menus, or simply unplugged and detached from the module. The complete units quickly roll on and off trailers, and through standard-height doors.

NEW! Eye-level Displays!
Put luscious food choices right under the nose of your customers with Galley eye-level displays. They attach to food shields so customers see more and you sell more.
NEW! Built-in Induction Cookers!
Demonstrate the freshness and artistry of the food in your line with Galley built-in induction cookers. Sales sizzle when you tantalize your customers with the appearance and aroma of demonstration cooking.
NEW! See-through Service!
Provide a clear view of all the food choices you offer with Galley lift-up breath shields and see-through service shelves. The breath shields are made from safety glass with smooth, polished edges and no distracting trim.

NEW! Patented Energy Efficiency!
New patented energy-efficient hot wells use 1/2 (one half) the energy and keep foods above 160º.

New cold barrier keeps foods under 40º per HACCP and NSF guidelines.

Food looks and taste better using Galley!

Foodservice is about making food look and taste better and keeping it at proper temperatures.
We do it. You can too just by switching to Galley.
Take a look at these New items that make food look and taste better:

Pizza Serving Stations

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Food Court Designs and Kiosks

  New Food Court Designs 260kb.

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Lighted Signage


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"C" Store Kiosks

  Convenience Store Design 195kb.

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Grab 'n Go's


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Handicapped Accessible Cashier Stations

  Handicap Cashier Station 14kb.

[ Top ]

Carving Stations

  Carving Stations 19kb.

[ Top ]

Cashier Stations

  Cashier Stations 20kb.

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Chip Displays


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Condiment and Checkout Stations

  Condiment and Checkout Stations 122kb.

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Condiment Counters


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Pull Out Full Suspension Shelves


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