The Galley Buffet Line

The Galley Buffet System provides self-service at its stylish, speedy best. When you prefer to let your customers help themselves... they'll conveniently enjoy themselves.

  • Galley buffets can be fun or formal
  • Hidden controls guard against tampering
  • No sharp edges to get in the way of patrons or clothes
  • Merchandise a wide assortment of foods with no fuss efficiency
  • Create a buffet display on a moment's notice that looks like a permanent line
  • And notice the classic design of canopy protectors and one-piece breathguards
  • Lighting is attractively distributed through the sides of canopy protectors and over the food
Plate Tray Starter Buffet Module Hot Soup & Chili Buffet Station Refrigerated Chests & Refrigerator for Buffet Line Ice Cooled Salad Bar Buffet Line Buffet Corner Module Buffet Hot Food Module Reinforced Utility Serving and Storage Buffet Module Buffet Corner Utility Serving Module Carving Station Entree Buffet Module Removable Matelock Flat End Buffet Module

A - Dish Cart
Model # 9431

B - Soup Bar
Model # 9011/9012

C - Plate Chiller
Model # 9215

D - Salad Bar
Model #

E - Corner Module
Model # 9420/9421

F - Hot Food Module
Model # 9030/9040/

G - Utility Module
Model # 9330/9340/

H - Corner Module
Model # 9420/9421

I - Entree Module
Model # 9010

J - Mate Flat End
Model # 8761/8762