The Galley Cafeteria Line

When you choose to do the serving for your patrons, convenience must apply to people on both sides of the line. The permanent-looking, but completely flexible, Galley Cafeteria System contains a variety of modules, which make cafeteria-style serving a snap. With a Galley Cafeteria, the look of the line and the atmosphere it creates is anything but institutional. The system provides a totally new dimension in style and speed. Notice features such as lighted and unlighted display stands, griddle table, refrigeration units with lockable, sturdy plastic lids and the deluxe cashier stand. The system has the look of efficiency, with the beauty, that is distinctively Galley.

Tray & Silverware Starter Cafeteria Module Ice Cooled Salad Bar Griddle Module Cafeteria Corner Module Cafeteria Hot Food Module Utility Cereal Dessert Bars Reinforced Utility Cafeteria Module Cafeteria Corner Trash and Directional Module Cafeteria Beverage Bar Hot & Cole Dual Temperature Serving Counters for Cafeteria Deluxe Cashier Module for Cafeteria

A - Tray/
Model # 9430

B - Cold Food Bar

C - Portable Griddle Station
Model # 9438

D - Corner Utility Counter
Model # 9420/9421

E - Hot Food Bar
Model # 9030/

F - Utility Cereal Dessert Bars
Model # 9310/

G - Corner Utility Counter
Model # 9420/9421

H - Beverage Station
Model # 9332

I - Combo Refrigerator/
Freezer Module
Model # 9249

J - Deluxe
Cashier's Station
Model # 9402