Galley Finishing Touches

Colors may vary from actual colors.
Custom panels available to match your decor.

fintouch1a.jpg (2937 bytes)
Pewter Tan with
Teak Panels

fintouch2b.jpg (2937 bytes)
Dove White with
Light Granite Panels

fintouch3c.jpg (2937 bytes)
Black Pearl with
Light Oak Panels

FinishingTouches_2.jpg (2937 bytes)

FinishingTouches_1.jpg (3458 bytes)

FinishingTouches_3.jpg (3170 bytes)

Custom logos, themes and mascots
army.gif (2358 bytes)
burgers.gif (2358 bytes)
junkfood.gif (2358 bytes)
Junk Food
salad30.gif (2358 bytes)
Salad 30 X 30
salad5.gif (2358 bytes)
Salad 5 X 12
west_point.gif (2358 bytes)
West Point
galley.gif (2358 bytes)
Galley Logo
bee.gif (2358 bytes)
Mascot - Bee
panther.gif (2358 bytes)
Mascot - Panther
tiger.gif (2358 bytes)
Mascot - Tiger
ram.gif (2358 bytes)
Mascot - Ram

walnut.gif (2347 bytes)
teakwood.gif (2006 bytes)
lightoak.gif (2191 bytes)
Light Oak
blckgran.gif (2378 bytes)
Blackstar Granite
alpinefis.gif (2457 bytes)
Alpine Fissure
verdi.gif (2908 bytes)
Verdi Pompeii
tealslate.gif (2449 bytes)
Teal Slate
firedust.gif (2641 bytes)
Fire Dust
granite.gif (2497 bytes)
wildrose.gif (2358 bytes)
Wild Rose
larkspur.gif (2220 bytes)
Lakespur Blue
berry.gif (2546 bytes)
Berry Graphics

Choose from any laminate within the standard collections of Wilsonart and Formica shown below.