Galley Line Buffet Equipment
Lighted Signs, Food Displays, Menu Boards & Umbrellas

Exciting new products from enhance food's visual
appeal and entice your customers to reach for more!

NEW! Lighted Signage!
Attach Galley's vibrant lighted signs to serving counters to attract attention. Advertise food
choices and whet your customers' appetites as they approach your line. These versatile yet
cost-effective signs are delivered attached to the module, wired to a single cord and plug, and
require no electrician or special installation. They can be easily changed to accommodate
single- or double-sided lighted menus, or simply unplugged and detached from the module. The
complete units quickly roll on and off trailers, and through standard-height doors.

NEW! Eye-level Displays!
Put luscious food choices right under the nose of your customers with Galley eye-level displays.
They attach to food shields so customers see more and you sell more.
Lighted Signs, Menu's & Umbrellas 28"
Model #
Model #
Model #
Model #
Model #
Lighted Signs & Menu Boards - Double Sided
Signage visible on 2 sides, lighted from within, mounted above buffet canopies. Shipped mounted to module & wired to modules' cord & plug.
Lighted Sign Box   5310-57 5320-57 5330-57 5340-57 5350-57
Artwork Set Up   Artwork Artwork Artwork Artwork Artwork
Octagonal Umbrella
Unlighted, 108" span, 72.5" head room, 8 ribs, large vent, wood construction, frame is natural with marine varnish, manual lift, pole diameter 1 3/8", choice of 12 colors.
Umbrella   8531 8531 8531 8531 8531
Umbrella Mounting Kit   8531A 8531A 8531A 8531A 8531A
Body Color Is Indicated By Suffix Letters:
No Suffix = Pewter Tan & Stainless Steel       A = Black Pearl & Stainless Steel       W = Dove White & Stainless Steel       S = Stainless Steel