Galley Line Buffet Equipment
Cafeteria Counters, Serving Lines, Buffet Lines, Speed Lines, & Mobile Food Carts
Shelves & Drawers 28"
Model #
Model #
Model #
Model #
Model #
Under Shelves
Solid Stainless Steel, Field Adjustable. Full Suspension Slide Out is optional.
Stainless Steel Under Shelf 8756 8756B 8757 8758 8759
Stainless Steel Under Shelf For 9428 8756A        
Slide Out Full Suspension Hardware 8540        
Stainless Steel Interior End Liners
Solid Stainless Steel Liner for the interior of the end panels under the counter top. Creates a finished look, cabinet style base, and is easy to clean. Order One per Module, Includes both left and right interior liner.
Stainless Steel Interior End Liners 8893        
Low Tray and Plate Extension Shelf
Solid Stainless Steel, Removable 16" x 28" Low End Shelf for Trays, Mounts on Right, Left or Both Ends. Does not swing up or down. Stays fixed in horizontal position approximately 15" off of floor.
Stainless Steel Low Extension Shelf 8725        
High Extension Shelf
Solid Stainless Steel Removable 16" x 28" Shelf, mounted flush with the Counter Top. Mounts on Right, Left or Both Ends. Does not swing up or down. Stays fixed in horizontal position.
Stainless Steel High Extension Shelf 8754        
Utensil and Utility Drawer
Large Stainless Steel Utility Drawer with a Removable Plastic Liner, Lock & Keys. Specify Location -
Right, Left or Center of Server.

Inside Dimension- 24.25"W x 23"D x 5"H
Outside Dimension- 25.5"W x 23"D x 5.5"H
Utility Drawer   8760 8760 8760 8760
Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer with Lock & Keys and a Removable Coin & Bill Divider.
Cash Drawer with Coin & Bill Divider 8559B        
Cash Drawer with Open Interior 8559J        
Body Color Is Indicated By Suffix Letters:
No Suffix = Pewter Tan & Stainless Steel       A = Black Pearl & Stainless Steel       W = Dove White & Stainless Steel       S = Stainless Steel