Galley Line Buffet Equipment
Cafeteria Counters, Serving Lines, Buffet Lines, Speed Lines, & Mobile Food Carts
Modify Height, Length & Body Finishes 28"
Model #
Model #
Model #
Model #
Model #
Modify Height - Low Line for Elementary Schools and Assisted Living
Reduces the Module & Counter Top Height from Standard 36" to 30". All Modules will have Flat Ends & Tray Slides will be Fixed and will not fold down.
Low Line: Assisted Living &
Elementary School Height - 30"
ADA Height - 34" 8511A        
  9001236: Optional Flat End Locking Kit Assembly-locks chassis together
Extended Length
Extends the Length (2" - 22") on most Modules with a Stainless Steel Expansion Filler Panel, and Extends the Length of Accessories To Match the new Module Length.
Extend Counter Lengths, 2" - 22" 8650C        
Extend Accessories Lengths 8650D        
Stainless Steel Body
Including Stainless Steel Flat Ends.
Laminate on Metal Framed in Stainless Steel
Including Stainless Steel Flat Ends.
Stainless Steel Body 8537 8537D 8537A 8537B 8537C
90° Comer - Stainless Steel Body 8537E        
45° Comer - Stainless Steel Body 8537        
Laminate Framed in Stainless Steel 8534        
Marine Edge
4 Sides Raised.
Mirror Finish Edges
With #7 Hi-Lite.
Marine Edge 8680   8681 8682 8683
Mirror Finish Edge 8944   8945 8946 8947
Kick Plates / Baseboards
Stainless Steel, Removable, Designed to be used with adjustable legs, Can be mounted on the front, rear, and one or both ends.
Front or Rear Kick Plate 8590 8590A 8590B 8590C 8590D
90° Outside Kick Plate 8590E        
90° Inside Kick Plate 8590F        
45° Outside Kick Plate 8590G        
45° Inside Kick Plate 8590H        
Front to Back Kick Plate 8590I        
Check Holding Strip
Mounts on the Back of Food Protector Shelf. Specify if a Different Location is Needed.
Check Holding Strip 8535   8535A 8535B 8535C
Body Color Is Indicated By Suffix Letters:
No Suffix = Pewter Tan & Stainless Steel       A = Black Pearl & Stainless Steel       W = Dove White & Stainless Steel       S = Stainless Steel