The Galley Soup and Salad Line

Adding a Salad Bar to your Galley Buffet, Cafeteria or Speed Line will generate new interest in your food service...and new income to your business. Making a Salad Bar an exciting part of your Galley system is simple and easy!

A Salad Bar combines with your other Galley modules to become a Soup and Sandwich Bar, or any other combination you can think of. Your Salad Bar or combination can be free standing, or it can "Matelock" right into your Galley line.

Salad Bar modules are color matched to Galley units, and will self-align and lock flush within any Galley system.

Cold Display Module
Soup Station & Chili Bar Cold Pan Filler Bar
Refrigerated Salad Bar
Refrigerated Salad Cart

A - Cold Display Module
Model # 9630/9640/9650

B - The Soup Module
Model # 9011/9012

C - Salad Carte
Model # 9650

D - Cold Pan Adaptor (Accessory)
Model # 8751

E -The Salad Carte
Model # 9652