Buffet Line Equipment Solutions

Buffet Line Equipment Solutions
Food service has never looked so good!

Galley dares to break through the sterile look of traditional stainless steel buffet line equipment with a style so unique and exciting—for one reason—to better display and merchandise food.

With Galley you can form sophisticated serving areas, breakfast buffets, "scrambled" food courts, beautiful island serveries, attractive carts, and even saute stations. And, better yet, if you change your mind or your menu, just move them around to suit your needs & create an entirely new cafeteria line. With Galley's many new buffet line equipment modules, you can easily do this at very affordable prices.

With the Galley system, you can design a customized serving line, whether cafeteria, speed, buffet, soup and salad, or continental breakfast. Individually, the Galley modules function separately. Together, they form an integrated serving line adapting to everything from hot entrees to cold fruit and beverages or anything else your imagination will allow. Choose Galley!

Serving Line Ideas

School Cafeteria Lines

School Cafeteria Lines
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Grand Buffet


Custom Kiosks

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Grab and Go Beverages

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