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A - Self service, at any height
Galley starter modules are versatile
for all ages and are wheelchair accessible.
All your necessities are in one
module; cutlery, napkins, packaged
condiments and straws. (Shown
module 9434 in Dove White and
Model # 9434

B - Unmatched versatility
Galley modules can be quickly moved in and
out of rooms on a moments notice.
Module 9434 holds 12-P45 silverware
dispensers. There are two slanted
shevles each holding one
4-compartment condiment bin
securely in place. Straws, napkins,
packets of salt, pepper, ketchup,
sugar and relish are neatly displayed.
Model # 9434

The Galley service system
Professionally preparing good food is an art. How good it's presented to a customer is equally
an art. Galley serves food the way it should be presented — beautifully, efficiently and
with style.
C - Utility module with tray slide
Model # 9310
D - Hot food module with buffet canopy and tray slide
Model # 9040
E - cold food module with buffet canopy and tray slide
Model # 9257

F - Specialty hot foods
Galley hot modules allow you to
choose from a wide variety of menu
items. All your favorites are kept hot,
fresh, and delicious. Create potato
bars, tex-mex bars, oriental themes
and pasta bars. (Shown with stainless flat
ends and custom dimensions).
Model # 9036

G - Directional modules
Galley 45° and 90° directional
modules allow you to create smooth,
flowing custom layouts at standard
prices. As needs change, you can
easily change the configuration.
Model # 9424

H - Low-line checkout
Check-out is a success with chips, pastries, cookies, muffins, juices and fruits. There are three
levels of secure display, which can be quickly converted to a one-stop lunch express or the
theme of the day.
Model # 8625
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