Galley Speed Lines

It's new. And it's  the fastest serving line concept around for people in a hurry.

The Galley Speed Line is the ultimate in self-service of prepackaged foods. It is efficient enough to handle the most rapid, demanding needs of modern school lunch programs and in-plant feeding. And yet, it is attractive enough to fit right into a decorator's plans for the most deluxe office or in-plant cafeteria.

The Galley Speed Line has been "clocked" at serving up to 400 busy people in just 20 minutes...with only one person behind the cash register. Possibilities for total portion control of packaged items are virtually limitless, as are configurations for the system. Mix and match Galley Speed Line modules to meet any menu or service!

Cafeteria Low End Shelf Refrigereated Cafeteria Module Cafeteria Freezer Module Recessed Merchandiser Merchandise Shelf - Heated | Sandwich & Burger Chute Cafeteria Convection Hot Food Cafeteria Extension Shelf

A - Low End Shelf
Model # 8725

B - Refrigerated Module
Model # 9244

C - Freezer
Model # 9215

D - Merchandising Shelf Module
Model #8625

E - Heated Shelf Utility Module
Model # 8726

F - Hot Food Convection Module
Model # 9056/9057

G - Extension Shelf
Model # 8754